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4 year old Morgan 

The baby of the group, he's still not over his teething phase!  While Peanut loves to nibble on whatever he can find, he's a sweet horse who has been enjoying showing off for his older and more experienced friends!



14 year old American Quarterhorse 

Krissy is a local gal from East Nassau who took up residence at the Center at age 2.  Always the popular girl, riders of all levels have fun riding Krissy, and she loves getting out there too!  After a long day gallivanting with the riders, she loves kicking back with some hay, and she'll let you hear it if you don't feed her first!



16 year old Connemara Pony

A regular renaissance pony, Liam has done everything there is to do.  From driving to eventing, lessons to shows, he got a little bit of something for everyone.  Quiet, brave, and even-tempered enough for a beginner, he's still challenging enough for more advanced riders to have a go!


Maggie Brown

12 year old Connemara Pony

Maggie Brown is sweet as sugar when she's out being ridden, but she's sassy in her stall!  Quick and challenging, she can be a handful to slow down.   But her small stature and feisty spirit makes her great for advanced young riders and those not faint of heart!



11 year old Connemara Pony

Mick's a five-tool talent from the farm club, and an up-and-coming prospect with nothing but potential!  A formerly shy adolescent, he's become a brave middle-of-the-lineup star!  He loves traveling with the team to all the shows and seeing the crowds.  Great for intermediate riders, he's a great horse to work on more advanced skills!



7 year old Appaloosa

Neeva has come into her own now that she has a younger brother to show up (Peanut).  She's been with us for a solid 5 years now, and is a quiet young horse great for intermediate level riders to learn or practice on. 



15 year old Beligan / Thoroughbred

Simon's been enjoying his time on-the-job working with riders, having tired of the dressage life. Mostly he loves hanging out and eating with his brother Wiley.  A great horse for intermediate riders, he's a little much for a beginner!

2012 157.JPG


17 year old Belgian / Thoroughbred

Simon's larger and more stoic older brother, he and his brother Simon have moved back into their parents' basement.  They can still be found earning a living now and again, but are mostly enjoying the lazy grazin' life!

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