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Marsha and Simon

Warming up in the practice ring before showing!

Marsha and Simon

Getting ready to head over to the rings.

Marsha and Simon

Simon's excited to be out of the trailer!

Marsha, Neeva, Reagan, Maggie Brown

Marsha riding Neeva (left) and Reagan riding Maggie Brown (right). Warming up some before doing the show!

Reagan and Mick

Reagan holding Mick while Marsha gets Simon ready to show.

Marsha and Neeva

Neeva's showing off her spots as the only Appaloosa at the show!

Marsha and Mick

Mick did a great job! Marsha's getting ready to head back to the Center!

Reagan and Mick

Reagan riding Mick and helping tire him out after his show!

Simon and Carol

Carol keeping an eye on Simon so he doesn't get into trouble!

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